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Practice the Pilates method with all of the original Pilates machines.

For over 50 years Gratz has maintained its fidelity to Joseph Pilates’ original vision by fabricating apparatus with unerring craftsmanship and exacting specification.
True Pilates Prague studio is the perfect place to train in a private and comfortable atmosphere.
Practice the original Pilates method in its authentic and pure form as it was initially conceived by Joseph Pilates.

Gratz Industries is the original manufacturer of Pilates apparatus. Its founder worked directly with J. Pilates.



A systhem of springs and pulleys that supports the body to help strenghten and stretch it while learning control and maintaining optimal body alignment.


wunda chair

The chair was designed to be used in small apartments for clients wihing to exercise alone. When is converted, the chair allows the user to perform complete series of exercises for a max effect.



The biggest and perhaps most luxurious of all Pilates machines. It offers an Impressivearray of exercices

_15A9755 - copiewix.jpg


Despite it´s frghtening name, this underused machine is fun to use. It is an essential apparatusmfor any studio wishing to the ofer the complete range of Pilates machines 



This T-shaped pole supports the spinal cord aligning the body in order to work the arms in full control.


Electric chair

It´s name is due to it´s resemblance to the medieval chair. It is an extended version of the wunda chair, whitch helps strengthen and balance hips, buttocks and legs.


wall unit

Similar to the cadillac, ienables several people to work safety while keeping the authenticity of the method.


Baby chair

Of all the machines, this one is equipped with the lightest springs. It is usually by those who are fragile or have upper body weaknesses.

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