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This rich and rigorous training guarantees the high quality and professionalism of its instructors.
It is faithful to the original and authentic legacy of Joseph Pilates: long hours of apprenticeship, observation, and supervised exams, both written and oral, given by qualified teachers.
If you would like more information on becoming a "Romana's Pilates " instructor, don't hesitate to get in touch with the studio.

This certificate of achievement is a world-renowned reference used by many Pilates studios. Jérémie Perroud is a Senior Instructor trainer Romana's Pilates and is authorized to supervise an instructor training program. True Pilates Prague is the only certified training center currently offering Romana's Pilates Instructor Training in the Czech Republic

training eductation teacher

Information on becoming a "Romana's Pilates Instructor

Please contact the studio

Thank you
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